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Curious about Web3 as a developer? Wonder what are NFTs, DAOs, DeFi, and Smart Contracts? This is the place for you!


Pick a progression track.

Do Freshman to Senior, in order, if you're new









Learn to Prove.

Collect soulbound skill NFTs.

Junior Skill NFTSophomore Skill NFTFreshman Skill NFT

Learn by Doing.

Actually build cool shit.

ImageBuild meaningful projects that you can show off and share with the community!
ImageTeam up with other developers around the world with the same goal and grow together!
ImageTake part in exclusive hackathons, test your skills and win prizes (and bragging rights ofc)!

Learn for Free.

No need to pay for overpriced courses.

Forever Plan
  • $0/month forever

  • Unlimited amount of learning

  • Build cool shit


Learn Progressively.

Cover topics from A to Z.

Freshman Track

Get started with Web3. Take a crash course on Javascript. Set up your development environment. Learn high level concepts, and build your first few applications!

Sophomore Track

Get deeper into blockchain concepts. Learn about gas, mining, and consensus. Get better at Solidity. Build full stack dApps, NFT collections, ICO tokens, a DAO, and a DeFi protocol.

Junior Track

Learn about the Ethereum ecosystem so you don't reinvent the wheel everytime. Build with Chainlink, ENS, The Graph, IPFS, Ceramic, Polygon, NEAR, and more!

Senior Track

Build a decentralized exchange. Learn about gas optimizations in smart contracts. Learn advanced Solidity design patterns. Think like a hacker and try to break vulnerable smart contracts.

Learn Together.

Build with other builders.

  • Build with 1000's of other devs

  • Make lifelong Web3 frens

  • Take part in team hackathons


What are you waiting for?

Start building cool shit with 25,000+ buidlers